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We Support the. Future

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Middle school and high school can be a confusing time for any teenager; however, when you believe your opportunities for success are limited, it’s even harder to feel motivated.


Latinx students learn in our programs that college is indeed possible, leadership skills can be learned and experienced, and a successful future is absolutely within their reach.

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“Al Éxito is a support system for parents and the youth and guides them to success, which has always inspired me to be a part of positively impacting my community.”

Natalia C., 3 years in Al Éxito programs

Our Approach

Al Éxito after-school programs and college preparedness opportunities help Latinx students to connect culturally and individually with others while learning success-nurturing behaviors, which demonstrates and encourages behaviors tproven to lead to more positive outcomes.


Research has shown that this approach increases self-confidence and dramatically improves school attendance, academic achievements, parental involvement, and high school graduation rates.

Additionally, Al Éxito students are offered opportunities to explore post-secondary education and career training paths, along with individual support with college applications, financing options, and preparedness processes. Combined with improved academic performance, a deeper understanding of college and career opportunities, these experiences increase the number of Latinx student that enroll in and graduate from training schools and with higher education degrees.

Al Éxito facilitators are:


We know that as a minority ethnic population within most Iowa schools, Latinx students often lack the confidence to self-advocate for extra help in school. We celebrate the Latino culture while building students' confidence in their potential.


Our program facilitators specialize in identifying the unique skillsets of every student and encourage the use of these skills to improve their own academic and career success.   


We believe our focus on encouraging success-nurturing behavior benefits student by helping them achieve more positive results today, which increases  self-confidence for success tomorrow.

“Al Éxito is a community, a family, that has taught me how to be myself and to love myself…I was finally able to break free from my own shell and realize I was capable of so much.”

Jennifer C., 4 years in Al Éxito programs

Our Leaders



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