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  • Belmond Middle School

  • Clarion Goldfield Dows

  • Des Moines After School

    • Callanan Middle School​

    • Goodrell Middle School

    • Harding Middle School

    • Hiat Middle School

    • McCombs Middle School

    • Weeks Middle School​​

  • Hampton Middle School ​

  • Ottumwa Middle School 

  • Perry Middle School

  • Tama Middle School


  • Al Exito Middle School weekly after school programs provide a curriculum that is culturally relevant and asset-based that preserves and celebrates cultural values and transitions while promoting leadership and academic achievement in a safe environment. We create a foundation for youth to develop confidence and skills to explore opportunities in their lives with a sense of purpose. 

  • AÈ youth will participate in two interactive and engaging, culturally designed college campus trips, including tours and a panel discussion with Latino staff, faculty, and organizations. Programs are open for all students, and all activities are free. 

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