Iowa Immigrant Community Fund: Meatpacking and Farmworkers 



Fund Description: 

The Iowa Immigrant Community Support Fund (IIC) is an initiative of the American Friends Service Committee - Iowa AFSC and Al Éxito, for Iowans who have needs that are outside the government guidelines and/or who if they do not qualify for government assistance or resources during this pandemic and work in association with meatpacking or agriculture. The funds help community members who face significant challenges in acquiring their most basic needs (rent, utilities, transportation, medicine, etc.)


  • Associated with processing plants or agriculture (including delivery trucks, cleaning companies, etc.)

  • Unable to access federal funds or US stimulus funds.

  • For those who work in meat packaging and / or agricultural industries (corral, farms, pigs, etc)

These funds will be awarded in order of completed applications until funds are exhausted.

For more information contact:

Al Éxito, Ayah Al-Durazi



Call Us @515-480-0904 |  PO Box 93531, Des Moines, IA 50393  |

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