Program Overview

Al Éxito is a catalyst for the empowerment of Iowa’s Latino Youth!

Al Éxito's mission is to provide programming that builds the leadership potential of Latino/a youth through college preparation, career development, civic engagement, family support, and celebration of culture.


Al Éxito’s vision is to build a “better community thought Latino excellence!”


Al Exito's Goals are to Increase: 

  • School Attendance

  • Academic Achievement

  • Parental Involvement

  • Graduation for High School

  • Enrollment in Post-Secondary Education


Al Éxito values:

  • Education, the learning process, and evaluations

  • Collaborations and Partnerships

  • Safety for all we serve

  • Reflective and Forward Thinking

  • Cultura y Familia


Al Éxito's Strategies to achieve our goals: 

  1. College Visits, Al Éxito has designed college visits where Latino students meet with students, faculty, and staff that look and understand  what it means to be Latino on a college campus 

  2. Leadership Development, Al Éxito provides opportunities for students and leaders to present publicly and get involved and engaged in their communities

  3. Mentoring, Al Éxito provides group mentoring opportunities for our participants form college students, professionals, and community leaders

  4. Tutoring, Al Éxito supports all students' academic success. Group mentoring by peers is provided as well as traditional tutoring. 









Al Exito Programs

  • Al Exito Latina Leadership- 6th-12th Combines middle school and high school Latinas building their leadership skills to strengthen their communities.

  • Al Exito Afterschool, Middle School weekly afterschool programs provide curriculum that is culturally relevant and asset based that preserve and celebrate cultural values and transitions while promoting leadership and academic achievement in a safe environment.

  • Movimiento Al Exito, High School provides an intensive weekly afterschool leadership and entrepreneurial empowerment program. Movimiento interweaves three key strategies to develop student youth leaders 1) research/ data analysis, 2) leadership through civic engagement, 3) entrepreneurial development.

  • Movimiento Al Exito Youth Led Business Des Moines high school program will launch the first Al Exito youth led business.

  • Padres Unidos is AL Éxito’s parents program that helps bridge the gap for Spanish speaking, Latino parents between the U.S. education system and their expectation and roles as parents. Padres Unidos promotes academic success and college readiness for each specific community.

  • Presentations/ Professional Development AL Éxito students and leaders can present on several topics, but they specialize in what it means to be a Latino in school and Iowa today. Students present at conferences, teacher in-service and professional development days, school and city board meetings and for community events. Contact us to have a student or leader speak to your group.

  • Al Exito College Program- Coming Soon

  • Al Exito University- Summer Intensive Program Coming Soon


Call Us @515-480-0904 |  PO Box 93531, Des Moines, IA 50393  |

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