The Impact of Our Programs

Survey results demonstrated that overall most Al Éxito students strongly agreed/ agreed that they had more opportunities to explore careers, prepare for a successful future, and participate in college preparation courses due to the program. The survey shows a successful program for our students, meeting college, career, and civic engagement goals. Students found Al Éxito to be a place that gave them tools for success and helped them be better students.


Youth who spent more than two years in the program in the program reported higher levels of civic engagement and confidence working with adults compared to youth newer to the program.


Al Éxito students report high levels of success-nurturing behaviors. They include doing challenging coursework, engaging in school resources, learning how to start a business, and planning to complete and further their education. This demonstrates that the program is meeting our mission.





96% of students have a higher rate of average daily attendance then general population


98% of students say they have plans to finish high school.


95% of participants reported that Al Éxito gave them the tools for success.

93% report that the program helped them be a better student.

One of the number one social determinants of health for a young person is having one adult who cares about them.  92% of Al Éxito participants report positively in having a caring adult in their life.

96% of students report they try and get good grades in school and are confident that they can accomplish goals in their lives.


37% is the percentage of students that when asked that students would change about the program asked for more!





Al Éxito students experienced postsecondary educational opportunities that would not have been offered if not in the program. For the first time, many students have the chance to visit a college campus and met a college educated faculty, staff, or student. This experience helps the students envision themselves on a college campus in their future. College visits continue to be the most future-building activity and most requested expereince by students.


Al Éxito University

Summer of 2018 was the first year of Al Éxito University in partnership with Gear Up and Grand View University.

68% increased confidence of the admissions process for participants

38% increase of understanding in the financial obligations of college

40% increased their confidence in having skills to be successful in college


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