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Al Exito advances Iowa’s prosperity through Latinx excellence.


Al Éxito inspires, prepares, supports, and positions Latinx leaders, middle school through college, for postsecondary attainment, career readiness, and civic engagement.


Al Éxito participants report  Al Éxito is a place where:



  • an adult cares about them 

  • youth learn how to participate in community

  • youth can be themselves

  • youth learn about their culture/ history

  • youth learn how to handle challenges

  • youth found a career path after high school

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dream. learn. succeed.

Al Éxito Ottumwa Conference

May 1, 2021

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Invest in Latinx youth for Iowa’s prosperous future


Having a prepared and diverse workforce and a vibrant, prosperous community starts by investing in Iowa’s fastest-growing population.