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Core Programs




Belmond Middle School

Clarion-Goldfield Dows

Des Moines After School

Callanan Middle School

Harding Middle School

Hiatt Middle School

McCombs Middle School

Weeks Middle School

Movimiento DSM

Movimiento Lincoln High School

Movimiento Urbandale

Hampton-Dumont Middle School

Hampton-Dumont High School 

Indian Hills Community College

Iowa State University 

Marshalltown Middle School

Marshalltown High School

Ottumwa Middle School 

Ottumwa High School 

Perry Middle School

South Tama Middle School

South Tama High School

Exclusive Online Statewide Seniors Program

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Al Exito Middle School weekly after-school programs provide a curriculum that is culturally relevant and asset-based that preserves and celebrates cultural values and transitions while promoting leadership and academic achievement in a safe environment. We create a foundation for youth to develop confidence and skills to explore opportunities in their lives with a sense of purpose. 


Al Éxito’s goals are to provide Latinx students with programs and extensive support services that build knowledge, access, and opportunities to: 

1) achieve higher education and career goals; 

2) develop leadership and civic engagement skills to build equitable Latino representation; 

3) nurture well-being through cultural identity development.


In addition to engaging with the Al Éxito curriculum, all programs provide youth with two interactive and engaging, culturally designed college campus trips, including tours and a panel discussion with Latino staff, faculty, and organizations.

Programs are open for all students, and all activities are free.
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Movimiento Al Éxito, High School Program provides an intensive weekly afterschool leadership, college preparatory, academic achievement, and civic engagement program.


Movimiento interweaves three key strategies to develop student youth leaders:

1) research/ data analysis;

2) leadership through civic engagement;

3) youth-led action. Students explore their identity and world while being empowered to make a change.

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We are youth from the Movimiento Al Exito program, who aspired to establish our own business to give even more back to our community. We are influential Latinx leaders engaged in our community!

|drēm|sēd| was created by the Mexican Proverb, "They tried to bury us but didn't know we were seeds", fighting back on an oppressive system.You can contribute by supporting our products, provide business mentorship, and/or partner with us for your company which we will market and sell.


Iowa State University's Al Exito club, welcome to all students.

For more information email 

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