Special Initiatives


Mary E Campos Scholarship 


The Al Éxito scholarship is based on Mrs. Campos’ principles for active community leaders, civic engagement, volunteerism, empowering the Latino community, and overcoming challenges. 

Compa en Camino

Compa en Camino (Partners on Call). Al Exito will send out a compa/partner to any student working at home in Des Moines. We can provide help with academics, technology, provide food/ security/ help with siblings. We can pay for upgrades on the internet or provide tutoring. We also have funding to hire translators to help with the communications. Whatever is the need so the student is successful. 

We have expanded the service to work K-12 in Des Moines. If you know of any students in need of assistance please let them know about the service. They can call 515-650-2644 or email compaalexito@gmail.com


Youth Mental Health Taskforce

Al Éxito released a statewide study of our participant’s mental health and wellbeing issues that hinder their success. During program sessions, students identified numerous challenges they experienced related to stress and mental health. In response to these experiences, the Al Éxito organization conducted a study of the perspectives of Latinx youth on mental health care between March and May 2018.


Participants attended programs in both urban and rural areas and were enrolled in both middle and high schools. The Al Éxito Youth Mental Health Taskforce analyzed the data and created recommendations to improve Latinx youth mental health for the Iowa Department of Education and local school districts. 



Download the 2018 Al Éxito Mental Health Report Here


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